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Introducing Parent & Toddler Yoga Classes

In September 2013 the time came for me to put to use my Children’s Yoga teaching qualification and also share my experiences of yoga practice with young children as well as all the knowledge and insight I have gained from attending Parent and Toddler groups over the past years. Not to mention the 18 week Mum and Baby yoga classes which my eldest son and I adored. Culminating in what I hope are really exciting Parent & Toddler Yoga classes using songs, games and stories all with a yoga theme.

I realise how valuable classes can be for Mums who decide to stay at home or for Mums who work part time (and Dads too!) It can add structure to your day and also as these classes are for the parent/carer too, then some skills for dealing with stressful situations may be learnt, as well as helping you to keep active! I include fun breathing exercises into the classes which can be practiced by the toddler and the adult. These may be invaluable when faced with a cranky, tantruming toddler—which is an inevitable part of being a parent!

The classes are lively and the level of participation by both adult and child is entirely up to them, if some children are a little reticent to join in at first they will be encouraged to watch and only take part when they feel confident. Most children however are eager to participate in the physical postures and the names of postures and the songs that go with them will truly captivate your child’s imagination.

There will be elements of turn taking and children will be introduced gently to some ‘mindfulness’ when we eat our healthy snack which will be provided.  The toddlers all seem to love chanting “Om” towards the end of the class too!!  Age range is 18 months – 5 Years.

The classes are very informal and may be a little noisy at times, but we will attempt a little bit of relaxation which I find works well at the end of the story, but we then have more songs and games after that!!  See the list below for a summary of benefits of children’s yoga.

**See the ‘Classes’ page of this website for details of the Parent & Toddler Yoga Class Schedule.  I have also written about these classes on my blog so have a read! Yogi Claire’s Blog

Some Benefits of Children’s Yoga

1. Maintains Flexibility and Strengthens Growing Bodies

2. Enhances Concentration

3. Increases Self-Esteem

4. Teaches Present Moment Awareness

5. Cultivates a Peaceful, Relaxed State of Body and Mind

6. Gives Tools for Stress Management

7. Sparks Creativity in Ripe Imaginations

8. Encourages Kind Peer and Social Interactions

9. Enhances Body Awareness

10. Teaches Discipline and Responsibility

11. IT IS FUN!!!

One of my Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Certificates was gained through Cosmic Kids Yoga who have some fantastic videos on You Tube – this is an excellent way to show your kids what my Children’s Yoga classes are like.  Cosmic Kids Yoga